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Umbhaba Estates' Pack Houses | Umbhaba Quality Banana Pack Houses in Mpumalanga | South African Organic Banana Farming | Hazyview, Kiepersol & Hectorspruit Banana Farms

Umbhaba Estates makes use of their in-house high quality Banana Pack Houses where the Bananas get sorted, packaged and prepared for distribution to retailers in Mpumalanga, South Africa



Mpumalanga - South Africa




Pack Houses

Umbhaba Estates’ pack houses operate under a strict set of policies and procedures in order to ensure a safe product of the highest quality. All staff are regularly trained with respect to hygienic and safe practices and numerous daily inspections are conducted to ensure that these practices are implemented.

Umbhaba Estates is able to deal with short-notice packaging requirements from our customers as we are geared for efficient, flexible, quality packaging

In addition to the hygiene aspects, a number of measures have been implemented to support Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP’s) ensuring a safe product through each and every step of the process. Annual audits are conducted in the pack-houses by an external company in order to ensure high levels of compliance.

Numerous Quality Control personnel operate continuously at all critical points in the process. These highly trained staff members help ensure that the final product consistently meets the high standards expected by the consumer.


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